Practical dressing tips will make you look better when you travel!

1. When wearing a solid color all over the body, there must be a bright color item to create the focus

Everyone will do a look with a solid color like pure black and pure white, but the taste will inevitably be a little dull when worn, and it will appear monotonous if it is not well matched.

The embellishment of brightly colored items can easily break the embarrassing situation, and the basic items can also be worn with a sense of luxury, giving people a very good feel.

2. The same color echo between the single products is worth seeing

The carefulness of fashionistas is reflected in the details. The simplest thing is to use the same color to echo each other.

In this way, whether it is a basic item or a single item with a sense of design, you can wear it with a sense of fashion without any effort.

3. Use accessories to enhance your style

Do you know why you buy the same fashion item as someone else, but you don’t look good when you wear it? Because your accessories are not in place.

As a single product of the finishing effect Max, accessories are an indispensable part of creating the overall atmosphere. Hardware accessories with a strong sense of metal like the one on the right are not easy to make mistakes in daily life, and everyone can arrange them, and the sense of shape is tight.

4. The hem of the T-shirt is tucked up instead of tucked into the waistband

A few years ago, it was popular to tuck T-shirts into the waistbands, but now it seems that it is lethal, and it is still very rigid. Hot girls can try the hem of the loose T to tie up to show 100% of the figure.

5. Match the same color, with one high and one low saturation

Although it is easy to look advanced when wearing the same color, it is a walking color lawn machine when it is matched well. If it is not well matched, it is ordinary.

In the same color single product, one can have a higher saturation, and the other has a lower saturation, which is more layered visually.

6.70% basic model + 30% popular model

When matching, first use 70% of the basic items that you are familiar with, and then bring a popular item for the remaining 30%, which is both safe and eye-catching. In the future, if you buy popular fashion items, you will no longer have to worry about not matching.

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